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It’s not easy being green

In honor of blog action day here are my top five tips to be a green knitter. Unlike Kermit’s signature song it is easy to be green when you knit.

1. Use full spectrum compact fluorescent bulbs in your work lamps. They allow you to see more detail, and make color matching easier. And they are kinder to the environment and your pocket book.

2. Ride public transportation. Sure it may take longer than driving yourself, but you have time to knit and/or listen to podcasts while in transit. Another reason I like riding public transportation is that I am not the one dealing with the other yahoos driving on the roads. I’m in Houston, TX, not much public transportation here, but I still manage to use public transportation for a major portion of my commute to school and clinicals. This also saves me money on parking in the Medical center which can be up to $10.00 per day.

3. Use reuseable bags at the grocery store. There are a number of patterns out there for you to knit your own reusable bags. The one I use is the stow away shopping bag from Oat Couture – it folds in to a pouch. I have 2 that I currently use and a third in progress.  I have loaded the bag with library books and it is still comfortable to hold and use.   DSCF0003 DSCF0001

4. Recycle your yarn (1). Save your scraps for another use. I save all my sock yarn scraps for trying out new patterns, and to make repairs. I use other yarns for general swatching, cast ons, waste yarn, and scrap projects. Some people make amazing things with their scraps while others use the scraps for decorating. There was a big discussion with lots of ideas on Ravelry this week. I have scored some beautiful silk yarn that I am going to redye for only $6.00 for three sleeveless shells worth(approx 600 yards or more each).

5. Recycle yarn (2) Unravel and repurpose the yarn from ufo’s that you are not going to finish or find sweaters made of nice yarn at thrift stores and unravel them. I scored some beautiful silk yarn for only $6.00 for three sleeveless shells. I have approximately 600 yards or more from each shell. I am planning on overdyeing the yarn.


I’ll be back as soon as I get through all this work I have to do to pass my comprehensive exam to graduate.


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Instant Karma

It felt real good on Tuesday when I dropped off the hats collected at the Yarn Harlot‘s visit to Houston. All the preemie hats went to Texas Children’s Hospital and the rest of the hats went to the Star of Hope Mission. Both places were very happy to recieve the hats.

This was an especially good week to be doing something good. It is an especially busy time in nursing school. Exit exams are later this month and it is time to be applying for jobs to start in January if you haven’t already. I also have been looking at my schedule and wondering where I’ll fit everything in. For now I’ll take it one day at a time and be sure to make some time for knitting every day to relax. Even if I have to let my apartment suffer, my mental health is more important.

I am enjoying my new camera, and I will have new pictures after this weekend. Now I’m off to pack to go to my Parent’s for the weekend.

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Delay in game

I promise I have the sample done for the ch, ch, changes second part. I even took pictures of them. I then bought myself a very early birthday present of a new camera (birthday’s not until Nov.) so now I have to redo the pictures or I won’t be happy.

To make up for this here are a couple of pictures taken with my new camera for your enjoyment.

A philodendron of some kind / my Rainbow Socks made out of Lorna’s Laces Rainbow on my new sock mannequin



– If you haven’t figured it out. I try to store all my pictures on flickr, so you can just click on them to look at larger copies.

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Love Me Do Socks