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Here Comes the Sun Socks


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The Here Comes the Sun Sock pattern is now for sale. You can buy it now through Ravelry using the link on the right sidebar. Or you can go on to Ravelry and buy it there. If you are logged in to Ravelry at the time of purchase, the pattern will be added to your library. This works even if you use the buy it now button.

The Details:
Here Comes the Sun Socks $7.95 USD

Originally introduced to the Griffin Yarns Sock Club in October 2007,

The Here Comes the Sun Sock pattern is designed to showcase self striping fingering weight sock yarns or other strongly patterned sock yarns. It has an easy moebius cuff, and garter stitch accents.

Techniques Used : Knit, Purl, Knit 2 together, Purl 2 together, yarn over, slipped stitch edge, stockinette grafting, garter stitch grafting, crochet cast-on or other provisional cast on.


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Lino and Maia


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This are my 2 new kitties now 8 months old. Maia is the top cat in this picture and Lino is the bottom cat . Excuse the expressions, I woke them up taking pictures.

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Lucy on the Laundry

lucy laundry

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This is my first baby, Lucy who died in February.  Her Favorite place to sit was on a pile/stack of clean laundry.  When the top was no longer clean due to cat hair, she would move on to the next stack of clean laundry.

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So, I lied

It has been way too long since I posted last.

The good news is I graduated from Nursing School in December, and moved back to Austin. Since then I have been settling in to my new place, new job, and new cats. Back in February I had to put my 13 year old cat Lucy to sleep. She had something like kitty COPD and the medicine quit working for her. I am just glad I got to spend a few more months with her and she was happy during that time. I got Lucy when I was a junior at LSU (for my first degree). Then when I decided to go back to school away from Austin, my parents offered to keep her at their house. This was for the best, I had moved back in with them already so Lucy was comfortable there. Also we had a vet that we loved taking good care of Lucy with her health issues- no stressing the kitty with breathing problems. This meant for the last 2 years I have lived without a cat in the house, only to visit on vacations. I have had a cat since I was 3. In that time, the only time I did not have a cat actively in the house with me were my first 2 years in the dorms at LSU, and the last 2 years in Houston. But, I always knew that I had my cat at home waiting for me to get back to them. After a few restless nights without a cat around I went to Town Lake Animal Shelter and began to look for a pair of relatively young cats or kittens to adopt. I ended up with two Maine Coon littermates, Lino and Maia, that are 5 months old in this picture (see my next posts). They have certainly kept things hopping around here.

My place is almost fixed up enough for visitors to come over. I am working on installing the living room floor right now, and the bathrooms just need some touch up painting, hardware installed, and a little decorating.

In Griffin Yarns News –

The Represent! Hat is now available through Ravelry. I am doing a final check on the first Sock Club Pattern to be available for sale to the general public and it will be for sale in the next few days. It will be available as a Ravelry download (links coming), and print copies can be ordered by your local yarn store. I’ll post when it is up.

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Love Me Do Socks